Big Bang Flight: Cider, IPA & Bourbon

Big Bang Flight: Cider, IPA & Bourbon

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Life's full of wow's - like creation, open roads and amazing athletes for starters. This magical threesome includes bold recipes featuring the works of award-winning Alaskan craft brewers:

Eden -The ultimate power couple and a favorite mistake - temptation. This heavenly strawberry, apple and rose jam is enticing on brunch scones, creamy yogurt and shake-it-up in cocktails with vodka.

She Drives a Stick - Skiers, hippies and hipsters - we get you. Girdwood's wild summer meadows and curvy winter slopes inspired this hidden-gem jam. It's hoppy flower power for bagels, quiona and cove-harvested halibut.

15 Hands & 6 Inches - Exacta like that. Black cherries drenched in Kentucky bourbon and a pinch of cinnamon. Giddy up scones, ice cream and roasted pork loin.

Gift pack includes one 9-ounce jar each and a "Wicked Ways with Jam" flavor pairing suggestion card in a craft box. Limited-run online exclusive flight therefore respectfully, no substitutions.